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Nearby expeditions and trips.

The combination of the wonderful ideal beaches and the green mountains makes Lechaio a strategic point
towards dozens of nearby destination and locations which are part of unique's beauty treasure and priceless
history which goes back to centuries.

The choice's given not only in the perfecture of Corinthia but also in the neighbour perfectures are unlimited.
They cover a range of wild youthful parties, to becach clubbing as well as tour guide to the ancient temple of
Heraion one of the most important archeological sights saved till now in modern Greece.



The most important Beaches:
There are plenty remarkable beaches and most of them have received the Blue Flag. Along the Corinthian
Bay there's the lake of Vouliagmeni, Strava, and Loutraki.

On the Saronic side there's St. Theodori. On the way to Epidavros there's the beach of Oraia Eleni
(Beautiful Helen) known for the healing waters ideal for rheumatisms and arthritics. Also visit Korfos,
a picturesque village by the sea where there are olive trees and pine trees. There's also the town of Kiato
which is worth a visit.

The beaches of Kechries and Almyri are also worth a visit. After crossing Isthmos you can find the beaches
of Lechaio, Kokkoni, Neraja, Kato Diminio, Melissi, Pefkias, Lykoporia and Derveni.


Archeological sights:
Ancient Corinth, Archeological space of Isthmia, Archeological place of Heraion, Ancient Sikyona,
Ancient Titani, Harbour of Black Stones, Archeological sight of Stymfalia, Archeological sight of  Feneos,
Archeological sight of Nemea, Flious, Kleones, Tenea and ancient Pellini.

Mountain excursions:
Mount Zireia or Kyllini: Kyllini is an all green mountain that you can visit in the valley of flabouritsa where there's a unique habitat in Peloponnese.
The land scape is trimmed by the lake Dasiou which is formed in a meadow of wild flowers in spring.
Breath the fresh air of the mountain by going up the little Zireia, the distance is almost 3 hours, and the big Zireia the distance is 3 hours and a half.
The cave of Hermes on the western bank of Flabouritsa invites you to admire the colourful Stalactites found there. Proper equipment is needed.
You can also enjoy it's natural beauty.

Stymfalia: Another village known by the Greeek mythology. At the banks of the lake, Hercules killed the
disastrous fowls.
You can visit the beautiful village Kastania which is found near Stymfalia. It is situated 920 meters away
from the surface of the sea, among fir-trees and offers unforgettable winter vacations.

From the picturesque route at the banks of the lake and the old paths of the mountain. Go through the small villages situated in the beautiful all-green landscape and enjoy the gifts of the nature.


You can go sailing in Corinth, Loutraki and Kiato.
(information Navy Office at Corinth tel: +30 27410 28630)

Try the experience of Mount Climbing in Zireia towards shelter A and B, on foot or by car.
(information Mount Climbing Office of Corinth tel: +30 27410 29970)


Telephone numbers may need:

Corinth                           Loutraki Nemea Xylokastro
Town Hall : +30 27410 24518
First Aid: +30 27410 25711
Police: +30 27410 28888
Tourist Police: +30 27410 23282
Traffic Police: +30 27410 23333
+30 27440 22423
+30 27440 63444
+30 27440 26666
+30 27440 63000
+30 27440 65678
+30 27460 22235
+30 27460 22227
+30 27460 22333
+30 27430 22361
+30 27430 22222
+30 27430 22200
+30 27430 24555
+30 27430 22345

Useful Connections:

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City Hall of Corinth: http://www.korinthos.gr
Korinthorama: http://www.korinthorama.gr
Newspaper “Korinthiaki”: http://www.korinthiaki.gr
"Water Park" – Isthmos: http://www.waterfun.gr


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